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5W20 Synthetic

PAL FORCCE PLUS oils are high quality diesel engine lubricants that fight soot and prolong engine lifespan through effective wear protection and outstanding oxidation/stability imparted by special additives. These engine oils are designed to lubricate a wide range of engines used in the road transport and construction industries. Peregrine FORCCE PLUS show improved oil consumption control and are suitable for year-round use


  • Improved soot control
  • Highly resistance to oxidation and oil thickening
  • Potential fuel economy benefits
  • Keeps engine cleaner and more efficient
  • Lower operating costs by improving engine durability and reducing down time


  • Highly recommended for high speed four-stroke diesel engines
  • Suitable for gasoline engines requiring an API SG engine oil.
  • Can be used in transmissions where similar engine oils are specified