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PI-8120 Metal Tube Flow Meter

Peregrine Pl-8120 rugged metal tube variable area flowmeters (rotameters) are ideal for high pressure, high temperature and other demanding flow applications where safety is a concern. Features include: globally-recognized approvals for use in hazardous environments; analog and digital LCD local display options, multiple process connection options; several available materials of construction for metering of aggressive fluids and corrosion resistance; HART enabled 4-20mA output to provide for remote monitoring and control. The Pl-8120’s excellent repeatability makes it a good choice for batching applications. For versions without electronic output, no power supply is required. The Pl-8120’s low-pressure drop provides additional value by allowing for economical pump selection.


  • Excellent low-flow performance
  • Versatile design may be used for gas, steam, and liquids
  • Low pressure loss for gas and steam applications
  • Suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications Turn-down ratio of 10:1
  • Local indication and intelligent remote LCD display Easy-to-read analog pointer style indicator
  • Intrinsically safe & explosion proof for hazardous area applications