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Multi-functional Lubricants For Heavy-Duty Automatic And Power-shift Transmissions

PAL Powermatic fluids are specially designed to meet the needs of heavy-duty automatic and power-shift transmissions requiring a Caterpillar TO-4 or Allison C-4 fluid. They are compatible with fluoroelastomer discs. Their stable friction characteristics minimize brake noise, clutch slippage under heavy loads, and embrittlement of elastomeric materials. Formulated to provide maximum anti-wear protection and prevent glazing on friction surfaces. Powermatic fluids also demonstrate outstanding oxidative and thermal stability. Powermatic fluids are available in four grades to provide optimum protections in different kind of weather and operating conditions.

Performance Standard

  • Caterpillar TO-4
  • Allison C-4 (Powermatic- 10 and 30)
  • Vickers 35VQ25 hydraulic pump test


  • Outstanding friction retention to minimize clutch slippage, providing complete power transfer for maximum equipment productivity
  • Excellent wear protection and material compatibility
  • Compatible with engine oils, preventing potential damages if accidently mixed with engine oil in crankcase or transmission
  • Reduce brake noise and chatter
  • Unique heavy-duty transmission formulation controls sludge and varnish deposits to maintain a clean and efficient transmission
  • Good foam control characteristics


  • Meets the stringent performance requirements of power-shift transmissions, final drives and wet-disc brakes typically found in Caterpillar and Allison equipment
  • Outstanding fluid flow properties and elastic compatibility make Powermatic fluids ideal hydraulic lubricants when transmission fluid or engine oil products are recommended
  • Some flooded rotary screw and vane compressors