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Unicool Antifreeze 50/50 Green

PAL UNICOOL is a long life, universal ethylene glycol-based coolant/antifreeze. It is suitable for use in the cooling systems of all types of liquid-cooled automotive such as passenger cars, light trucks, heavy duty vehicles, as well as for industrial internal combustion engines. UNICOOL offers excellent heat transfer capability and parts protection at high temperatures. UNICOOL contains effective anti-rust additives and corrosion inhibitors. These provide maximum protection to all common metal parts, including solder, steel, copper, brass, cast iron and aluminum or mixed aluminum. It is compatible with all conventional anti-freeze coolant and will not harm hoses, plastics or original vehicle finishes. PAL UNICOOL is premixed 50% with water and ready for use.

Performance Standards

  • ASTM D3306
  • BS 6580
  • JIS K2234


  • Long service life of 5 years or 100,000 km in a well-maintained engine cooling circuit
  • Prevents winter freezing and summer boil over
  • Contains a high quality defoamer that will minimize foaming tendencies during service
  • Compatible with all conventional coolants
  • Outstanding hot surface aluminum protection
  • No silicate dropouts or gel formation during storage or use


  • Premium quality ethylene glycol-base coolant/antifreeze suitable for all general aftermarket servicing of automobiles (diesel or gasoline), and for industrial internal combustion engines.