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Unigear 75/90

PAL Unigear oils are multipurpose, extreme pressure (EP) gear lubricants available in various viscosity grades formulated with naturally high VI (Viscosity Index) paraffinic base stocks and a sulphur- phosphorus additive system. Unigear imparts excellent oxidation stability characteristics and effective anti-weld, anti-wear and anti-scuff properties. Unigear shows excellent resistance to degradation and sludge formation. As a result, it has a longer oil life, thus reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Performance Standard

  • API GL-4


  • Premium quality multipurpose gear lubricant
  • Protects gear and bearings from wear at extreme pressures
  • Formulated to be compatible with “yellow metals” such as bronze found in synchronizers and other transmission components
  • High temperature stability
  • Inhibits foaming and aeration


  • Suitable for the majority of automotive hypoid and spiral-bevel gear applications under high speed/low torque in moderately severe load conditions.
  • Designed for both transmission gear boxes and steering boxes